Monday, November 01, 2004

Gaia: Under Matenence.

Gaia, The spirit of Earth, has announced that she is pissed and is going on strike. Her demands are simple, but impossible. Gaia says:
Get rid of petrolium usage
Choose another planet to destroy
Stop eating so much, My back hurts
and last, but not least...
I won't be here forever you know, MOVE OUT!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2004


I wonder why this bothers me so much:

"...We will erradicate all nukular rescources in the middle east..."
Maybe because he can't pronounce nuclear correcty, I'm not even in collage yet and I can pronounce nuclear correctly! Please comment and revolt!

Monday, October 25, 2004

High Inteligence

Intelligence is overrated, for example:

"As I went to the store to buy a can of paint, my mother told me that I was wearing a shirt. Apperently, I thought I wasn't."

See, people think that they did something or said a statement, but had no intentions of actually saying anything.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Have you heard?

Has anyone heard the news about the state of georgia? I thought not, see Georgia is a place right above florida and east of Alabama. Georgia is a desolate place in which I live, but is somehow more exiting than Kansas or Iowa. Atlanta is the capital of this abnormal state, and has absolutly nothing to do with anything. Decatur is an even more desolate town that I live in. The most exciting thing in this economical dipstick is the downtown area. Today I went to the downtown area (from now on to be called "The Square") with my friend chloe and we tried out the product known as "Red Bull" and this is how it went down...(ahem)"Hi chloe!" I said as I entered javamonkey, a coffee shop at the square, and she looked at me like I was a car wreck and said "Oh I thought you would take longer to get here." well, this will take a while so get a cup of hot chocolate and sit by the fire. After a while we went to the local CVS to get some pringles, coke and starburst, which we ate momentarily at the benches outside the courthouse. later we went back to CVS and we bought two cans of Red Bull.(In spanish that's El toro rojo!) As we crossed the street, we both popped open our cans of Red Bull and took a sip...what followed was a traumatizing event that led to much cursing and remorse about buying this strangly attractive drink. "Holy S*** this tastes terrible, why did we get this?" I said in absolute digust, she replied "Seriously this tastes like rotten lemon rinds!" and we (somehow) drank the cans of Red Bull and it was just like a dream, we kind of wobbled around town until chloe's dad pulled up and gave me a ride home.

The moral of this story:
Red Bull is yellow, cold, Bull piss!

Why is it so appealing?

Why are we such violent creatures? For example, instead of making a deal with iraq, George goes and blows the ever-living hell out of it! ...Great, now I'm all mad and there is nothing to take it out on, well I'm signing off in a while, BYE!

As I sit...

As I sit, reeking something wicked
in a bar by myself as the clock ticketh,
tell me why, why I cry,
why does a tear come to my eye,
tell me, tell me why.
-insert from my personal archive.

Grand Opening!

Hello, all that listen...

This is a simple announcement, simply stating that this is the first post!
It's getting cold, I'm going inside.